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Individual/Team Assessment

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Psychometric assessments are used by organizations primarily to determine various qualities and characteristics of a leader, employee, or prospective candidate, and to provide an understanding of how this individual will perform in a key position.

Typical uses include determining leadership strengths and growth areas (including blind spots and derailers), helping team members understand how to work better together, for individual career planning, and for recruitment.

While most commonly used assessments are well designed and valid, the quality and accuracy is directly tied to the skill of the person interpreting the results.

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

To be successful in a key position within any organization requires a complex combination of skills, abilities, and traits. Unfortunately, many assessments of the people holding—or being considered for—these key positions are myopic and only look at a very narrow view of the individual.

Our approach is panoptic—we assess not only what people need to KNOW and be able to DO, but also how they must function to get it DONE within an organization, industry, and, when relevant, the social, political, and/or economic environment an organization operates in.

Our psychometricians get you the ACCURACY you need.

The Individual/Team Assessment Emphasis Cluster contains 3 Practice/Service Areas:

Assessment/Testing Services

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Our Assessment/Testing services include:

360 Degree Feedback

Emotional Intelligence


Aptitude/Career Pathing

Sales/Customer Service Orientation

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Interpretation Consulting Services

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Interpretation Consulting Services

Our Interpretation Consulting services include:

Assessment Interpretation for Selection/Recruiting

Assessment Interpretation for Advancement and Breadth/Depth Learning Plans

Workforce Planning & Optimization Competency Identification

Combined Assessments Interpretation for Leadership Development

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Validation/Reliability Studies

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Validation/Reliability Studies

Our Validation/Reliability Studies services include:

Validation Studies Using Existing High/Low Performance Data

Statistical Modeling (to determine Predictive-Precision™ algorithms)

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