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Succession Management 7-Step Introduction

In this contemporary, talent-based economy, the workforce itself is arguably an organization’s most important–and most tangible–asset. And the key knowledge needed to run an organization exists at ALL levels, not just in leadership positions.

While it would make perfect sense for an organization to prioritize workforce planning and workforce optimization (WPO), and be mindful of the current and future workforce gaps that will limit execution of business strategy, these activities frequently don't receive the full attention they deserve.

Part of this paradoxical behavior can be attributed to a tendency toward focusing on short-term goals and objectives. This becomes even more pronounced when the economy is strong and an organization is doing well financially. When everything is going well, we tend to have a rosy outlook of the future that can blind us to hazards that are approaching. The solution to this blind spot is to adopt a mindset of succession!

Succession Management 7-Step System

Information on each step of the 7-step process can be found here: