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Jessica Turvey: Executive Biography

Neil Dempster will wow your audience!Many companies start with a similar story; a street-smart and passionate individual—fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit—who sets out to make a difference in the world.


In 1985, Jessica Turvey identified a void in the field of human development, particularly in the area of workplace performance and Higher Performance Thinking™. The result is Clearview Performance Systems—a company that has earned national and international recognition for helping organizations achieve extraordinary results.


As Founder and President, Jessica is responsible for:

  • researching new product and market opportunities,
  • project coordination, and
  • the all important role of Chief Muse!


In addition, Jessica is lead consultant for all external interventions in the individual practice area, including:

  • executive coaching,
  • small group interventions, and
  • strategic planning.



Prior to her current role as managing partner for Clearview Performance Systems, Inc., Jessica focused her expertise on executive coaching, professional development, and career counseling projects with clients ranging from healthcare organizations to manufacturing, technology, financial services and government entities. Her clients valued her honesty and strong intuitive nature when offering concrete feedback. Her wit and wisdom inspires her clients to transform their institutional knowledge into strategic and informed action.


Executive Coaching

  • Provided coaching and development techniques for a team of senior health administrators PacifiCare. Initially their management style was based on their medical backgrounds, not on what was necessary within the corporate environment. Focused the assessment and coaching primarily on emotional intelligence. Utilized an assessment instrument to measure emotional intelligence (EQ-i®) with each participant. Through guidance and direct feedback, they learned leadership techniques to successfully thrive and grow their respective business units.
  • Assessed the potential of mid-level managers for progression to the next level of responsibility within their organization, St. Mary's Food Bank. Created development plans based on the thorough assessment of emotional intelligence, personality, and competencies. Provided an experiential learning model that resulted in a practical application of the new skills within each manager's work environment.
  • Contracted to work within Tucson Electric Power, an Arizona based utility company going through a major business realignment. Conducted competency development assessments for ten managers identified as being at-risk due to job reconfiguration. Designed performance development plans that were initiated for each of the at-risk managers. After six months, all ten managers were reassessed -- five were assessed as high potentials for promotion within the organization and four were able to retain their manager level status. Only one person was moved back into an individual contributor role.


Consulting Projects

Spearheaded the design and implementation of an internal career center for employees of Tucson Electric Power (TEP). The services, actively utilized by 75 percent of the employee population, integrated with the company's other human resources strategies, including the performance management system. One of the most actively used services customized by Jessica, was a comprehensive competency assessment and competency development planning process. This service was initiated with the identification of the key competencies for success by TEP's senior executive team.


Designed and managed a change/career management intervention attended by eighty per cent of employees of the Best Western International, the world's largest privately owned chain of hotels:

  • assessed data collected via a series of focus groups;
  • designed a career management intervention to support management in leading their employees through change;
  • designed a change/career management workshop, and managed a team of eight facilitators in the delivery of this project;
  • co-designed a one-on-one consulting intervention to support employees in building their self-esteem and working more proactively to take control of their situation.


Assessed the "people needs" of Bank One (now JPMorgan Chase) when they standardized all systems nationally and shifted the culture to a sales environment:

  • customized a training intervention ("Managing Your Career") that helped employees cope more effectively with the changing environment and plan for job interviews in the "new organization." Of almost 1,000 employees who attended the workshop, ninety-eight percent said they would recommend this workshop to other employees;
  • customized a career coaching workshop for managers that provided them with the techniques and strategies to assist employees with their short-term career decision making as well as long term career development.


Consulted with the Arizona Department of Commerce in the design and implementation of a series of analyses of the skills and competencies needed by Arizona's workforce to succeed in the state's burgeoning economy.

  • Each of these analyses targeted one of the industry clusters from the Governor's Strategic Partnership for Economic Development (GSPED). GSPED identified 11 key clusters of related industries in Arizona that would spawn business start-up, attract suppliers, stimulate economic growth, and create demand for large, diverse pools of experienced workers. These clusters included: Bioindustry, Environmental Technology, Food Fiber and Natural Products, High Tech Industry, Mining and Minerals, Optics, Plastics and Advanced Composite Materials, Senior Living, Software and Information Technology, Tourism and Experience, and Transportation and Distribution.
  • Each report, focusing on one of the GSPED clusters, provided a statewide blueprint for the state's education and training experts who are preparing Arizona's workforce today for Arizona's jobs of tomorrow.


Consulted with Salt River Project, a large Arizona based utility company, on the design and implementation of a multi-rater feedback project focused on competencies relating to learning agility as defined by the Lominger Limited product, CHOICES ARCHITECT® Talent Management Tool (formerly called LEARNING AGILITYT). Over 200 managers were participants in this project with an outcome that included the creation of a customized development plan and connection to further coaching and mentoring services provided by their organization.


Career Counseling

  • Counseled individuals, ranging in age from 17 years to 74 years, in a private consultation environment. She has helped over 3000 clients in extensive career planning with a focus on achieving an optimal match between the person and the job.
  • Researched and designed a short-term career counseling model for a large employee assistance program (EAP) provider. This intervention strategy blended successfully with the brief therapy model utilized by the personal counsellors in this service.
  • Served as an employee assistance program (EAP) counselor in a wide range of situations including: counseling individual employees on more effective coping strategies when their organization was merging with a larger corporation; helping the families of relocated employees overcome mobility trauma; and coaching employees with subordinate/peer/boss interpersonal conflicts.
  • Facilitated personal growth and development workshops with "at risk" Native American youth, and students within an inner city program called "Genesis."


Today, as one of the founding partners of Clearview Performance Systems, she is able to use her expertise in achieving extraordinary employee performance to benefit diverse organizations.

Jessica's formal education includes:

  • She has a Masters in the dual concentrations of Organization Development and Human Resources Counseling from Ottawa University (Kansas).
  • She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and media relations from Ryerson University (Toronto).


As the consummate lifelong learner, Jessica is constantly challenging herself to grow and develop. Here are some of the areas where she has focused over the recent past:

  • EQ-i Certification and completion of the EQ-i Coaching workshop (Began using the EQ-i in 1999)
  • Certified in the following Lominger Limited products in the LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Suite of tools, including Leadership Architect, Recruiting Architect, Choices Architect (formerly known as Learning Agility), Career Architect (Began using in 1997).
  • World of Work Inventory - Levels One and Two Certification (Began using in 1994)
  • Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Began using in 1986)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Psychological Type Differences in Career & Life Planning
  • Adult Learning Theory & Practice
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Organization Change Theory & Development
  • Training Needs Analysis and Evaluation

We dug deep into the files and archives to find you these little known facts about Jessica. Could it be true that life's experiences help shape the individual? You be the judge ...

  • For part of her primary education in rural Canada, she attended the quintessential and oft romanticized one-room red brick school house-and she has the stories to prove it!


  • Jessica's undergraduate studies included media relations and one of her more unusual media projects occurred when she wrote, produced and directed "River Underground," a 16mm documentary about the construction of a state-of-the-art sewage collection system in Ontario, Canada during the late 1970s.



  • Jessica is committed to living a long, active and healthy life which explains her passion for nutrition and exercise. She is a vegan gourmet cook and, although not professionally trained, could rival ANY chef anywhere (we know this from personal experience!). In fact, her husband tells us she is always trying something new—he never sees the same meal repeated ... ever! Take a look at some of her latest culinary excursions:


Asian Inspired

Quinoa Salad

Tofu Kebabs with

Sauteed Swiss Chard

Grilled Asparagus and

Tomato Curry Sauce


Chocolate Mousse


  • Jessica is addicted to reading which explains why she has several libraries in her home and is never seen anywhere without her "To Read" file.



  • She is enslaved (willingly!) by three felines who constantly remind her that life's trials and tribulations can be best handled with a great stretch, a quick nap in a sunbeam, and a purr to massage the soul.



  • Even though they have more technology around their house than NASA (almost!), Jessica and her husband have not owned a television for over 25 years—a distinction held by less than 1 percent of the North American population!

Jessica has a firm commitment to make a difference in the community through her volunteer activities. Here are several areas where she has served (in reverse chronological order):


Current Affiliations
  • Jessica is a volunteer with Sun Sounds of Arizona, an Information Access Organization where volunteers read print material for people who have lost the ability to read conventional print. She produces and is the on-air host of a weekly radio program entitled "Inspirations."
  • Jessica's company is committed to supporting literacy programs in our community. Since 1997, Jessica has led an annual initiative to provide books and literacy resources to disadvantaged schools and libraries.


Past Affiliations
  • As President of the community development arm of the Ironwood branch of the Phoenix Public Library, she was instrumental in bringing youth and adult-oriented career and wellness planning topics to patrons of the library system. Jessica completed two terms as a member of the Advisory Board of the Phoenix Public Library, and served as Chairperson for the Board in 2000.

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