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Solutions for Individual/Team Assessment

A Compelling Business Case ...

To perform consistently within a progressive organization—whether individually or in a team environment—requires a complex combination of skills, abilities, traits, cognitive capability, and behavioral drivers (among others). Unfortunately, many of these attributes are difficult to discern.

While most managers are reasonably good at assessing employee talents (functional skills and expertise), many managers erroneously believe that they can accurately pinpoint 'fit' attributes. In addition, managers tend to be overly confident in their ability to discern the psychosocial elements that determine success.

This over-reliance on intuition means that the covert (and often imperceptible) factors that lead to higher performance are frequently ignored, or are only superficially assessed or, worse, are inaccurately determined (with costly results).

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

Our scientifically valid assessment instruments (also referred to as "tests" and/or "surveys") use the latest psychometric technologies to accurately pinpoint the attributes that lead to higher performance. Using the most applicable assessment(s) to suit the role, purpose and/or context, our psychometricians help organizations raise the quality of hire, improve on-the-job performance, expose blind spots and derailers, assess developmental needs, evaluate potential for advancement, help teams work better together, increase job satisfaction, and reduce turnover.

Our approach is panoptic—we assess not only what people need to KNOW and be able to DO, but also how they must function to get it DONE within an organization, industry, and, when relevant, the social, political, and/or economic environment an organization operates in.


Individual/Team Assessment

Emphasis Cluster contains 3 Practice/Service Areas:

Psychometric Assessment/Testing Services ...

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Managers want to find the best candidate for each vacancy, identify the person with the most potential for every advancement opportunity, and isolate the most precise areas of development for members of their respective teams. On the surface, using a psychometric instrument may seem ideal. But the use of psychometric testing can be confusing because there are many different types of tests available, and the quality and depth of each test can vary considerably.

We're here to help! Our Psychometric Assessment/Testing services include:

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Personality/Interests/Values
  • TTD (Trait/Temperament/Disposition)
  • Cognititive Ability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Dynamics/Interaction
  • Sales/Customer Service Orientation
  • Recruiting/Advancement

Are you ready to identify the traits that lead to extraordinary results? Let's talk.

Interpretation Consulting Services ...

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While most commonly-used assessments are well-designed and valid, the quality and accuracy is directly tied to the skill of the person interpreting the results.

Our Interpretation Consulting services include:

  • Assessment Interpretation for Selection/Recruiting
  • Assessment Interpretation for Advancement and Breadth/Depth Learning Plans
  • Workforce Planning & Optimization Competency Identification
  • Combined Assessments Interpretation for Leadership Development

Are you wondering how to interpret (and act on) the information in the assessment instruments you use? Let's talk.

Validation/Reliability Studies ...

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Validation/Reliability Studies

Our Validation/Reliability Studies services include:

  • Validation Studies Using Existing High/Low Performance Data
  • Statistical Modeling (to determine Predictive-Precision™ algorithms)

Are you ready to increase the predictive qualities of your assessment instruments? Let's talk.