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Clearview® Performance Systems brings you ... ... a Culture of Results & Engagement™

As a life-long learner, you know how important it is to continue to develop your strengths as a leader. These weekly tips are designed to be learning nuggets ... quick to read and easy to implement. This archive page provides access to previous issues so you'll always have ready access to the resources that will help you better engage your team in the activities that lead to higher performance.
Enjoy the Journey!

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[11/24/20] How Some Employees HIJACK Your FEEDBACK (and what to do about it) [Part 3]

[11/17/20] If You're Only Coaching for Skills, You're Only 1/3 There!

[11/10/20] Because of YOU I Grew!

[11/03/20] How (and Why) to Put a Leash on Passion ...

[10/27/20] How Some Employees HIJACK Your FEEDBACK (and what to do about it) [Part 2]

[10/20/20] It's Time to Dump the Firehose and Embrace the Faucet

[10/13/20] Is Your Stay-at-home Work “Place” ... Still on First Base?

[10/06/20] Are You Ready to Compete ... with YOURSELF?

[09/29/20] Levity is the Remedy!

[09/22/20] How Some Employees HIJACK Your FEEDBACK (and what to do about it) [Part 1]

[09/15/20] Does Your Management Style Define You as a THERMOMETER ... or as a THERMOSTAT?

[09/08/20] Can Common Sense Be Taught? (Or, at least, be made more "common"?)

[09/01/20] Leadership Means Speaking Up (because doing NOTHING will do SOMETHING to performance)

[08/25/20] Nine Key Things I (Almost) Didn't Learn in School

[08/18/20] Is Safety Being Jeopardized by a Conflict Between Zeros?

[08/11/20] Using '1-10-Mid-90' to Achieve Your Managerial Ne Plus Ultra (The Highest Degree of Accomplishment).

[08/04/20] What Marriage Has Taught Me About Leadership ...

[07/28/20] Temporary Solutions (Band-aids) Frequently Become Permanent Problems.

[07/21/20] What is Your Team's BDL Quotient?

[07/14/20] It's the Talent BEHIND the Curtain that Counts

[07/07/20] Don't Quit Your Day-Dream!

[06/30/20] Is it Time to Boost Your Managerial "Immune System"?

[06/23/20] How to Defeat the 4-D's of Low/No Accountability

[06/16/20] Do You Have the Courage to Cross the Stream by Feeling the Stones?

[06/09/20] Questions Are the Answer ... It's Time to Embrace the Power of 'Not Knowing.'

[06/02/20] When There's No Pressure ... There Will Be No Diamonds!

[05/26/20] Transitioning from RISK (Remote Isolation to Survive Koronavirus) to SAFE (Safe Activities For Employees)

[05/19/20] Technically, a One-Speed Bike Can Get You There, but ...

[05/12/20] Ready for a Break (from this craziness) with a 'Bug' of a Different Kind?

[05/05/20] Are You Longing for the Day We Get Back to Normal?

[04/28/20] 35 Creative RE(mote)INFORCEMENT Techniques to Show Your Appreciation

Now Is Not the Time for “Conflict-averse-itis” ...

Leading with ‘lemmas' (a Focus on Between a Rock and a Hard Place Decision-Making) ...

A Look at What We've Learned About Working from Home (so far).

Do Your Remote Meetings Make You Sound and Look "Half-Dressed"?

Some (Very Practical) Tools to Manage Employee Stress/Anxiety During COVID-19

Working "Remote" Doesn't Have to Mean "Far Apart" ...

The 11 (foolproof) Words That Produce an “Own It!” Mindset.

Your Mother May Have Admonished You with "Don't tell stories!" but ...

Don't Confuse Excellence with Perfection (and this is NOT just for OCDs!)

Five Assumptions (Or, Worse, Presumptions) You Should Never Make as a Manager ...

Employee Engagement: Are We Measuring it all Wrong?

Could You Be (Inadvertently) Putting the “De-“ in Demotivation? (Another in our "uh-oh" series) ...

EQUITY and EQUALITY Are Not the Same Things ...

It's No Fluke That SILENT is an Anagram for ... LISTEN!

How Would You Rate Your Ability to Instill Accountability?

Resolutions Rarely (if ever) Lead to Solutions

Can Emails Lead to ECD [Efficiency-Compulsive-Disorder]?

How will you respond when your boss asks you, "And then what?"

What 'To-Stops' Should You Be Considering?

What Does a Turn Signal Have to Do with Managing Employees?

Is it Possible to Have a 'Positive' No?

Is There a Difference Between Chronically Disorganized and Organized Chaos?

What Separates Dreamers from Doers?

A Halloween Safety Message (that’s applicable for EVERY day!)

The #1 Coolest Way to Address Interpersonal Conflict

"HELP" is not a 4-Letter Word!

You've 'Inherited' a Low-Performer. Now What?

Should You be More Autodidactic? (Hint: Your answer should be YES!)

Here's How to Get 10:1 Value from Your 1:1 Coaching

Could a Feel/Felt/Found be in your FeedForward Future?

[09/10/19] Cadence-Matching (or ... Should you have a different metronome for each employee on your team?)

How to become Politically Savvy ... without playing politics!

Four ways to tell if you are trusted (as a leader)

Patience may be a virtue but IMPATIENCE gets more done!

What can Harry Potter teach us about working better with our team?

The SCIENCE (but mostly the ART) of Effective Delegation.

How would YOU do on a 'managerial' Stress Test?

What would YOU hear your employees say if you played 'Undercover Boss?'

Five (5) ways to make work-life balance a NON-Zero Sum Game.

Internet Research: How to tell if it's fact or fiction (or something in between).

Verbal miscues can undermine your credibility ... here's a few to avoid.

The Top Ten Outlook tips to save 40 hours (that's a WHOLE week!) every year ..

If you want to BE a champion, you'll need to BECOME a champion (for your team)

Is your elevator speech "Going Up!" or taking you to the basement?

Can you recognize the difference between healthy and destructive conflict? [Part 2]

Can you recognize the difference between healthy and destructive conflict? [Part 1]

All those posters are wrong ... there is an 'I' in teim after all

Why 'smart' doesn't always translate into 'good judgment.'

[05/07/19] Here's the #1 best way to 'Expectation-alize' a new Team Member.

What if LEARNING was by design (and not just by osmosis)?

Take control of your 'Ding'-stractions!™

Are you ready to 'steroid-ize' your Daily Huddles?

Pay attention to your Superstars!

Improving Communications—Receiver Centered Communications (RCC)

Enhancing Feedback Receptivity (Part 2)

Enhancing Feedback Receptivity (Part 1)

Managing a Know-it-All

[03/05/19] Strategic versus Tactical Thinking

Positive Aspects of Change

[02/19/19] Could Blind Spots Be Getting in the Way of Your Leadership Growth and Effectiveness?

Jigsaw Puzzle—How to help your employees become better planners

Top Five Management Tips

Stop Using the 'Praise Sandwich'

'High-Altitude' Stretch Goals

Future Focused Coaching—Mistakes happen!

GPS 'Telling' Metaphor—How to coach more effectively

Depth/Breadth Learning

'Behavioral Awareness' (mirror)—How are you perceived by others?

'Activity/Outcome' Statements—Enhance task efficiency

'Lean Forward' into Change—Change resilience and stretch growth

Active Listening—How to become a better listener