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Solutions for Strategic Planning/Execution

A Compelling Business Case ...

Many strategic plans fail to deliver their intended results (or fall short of expectations) and the problem, typically, isn’t the strategy itself. Many hours and much discussion takes place in the formation of a strategic plan so where does it go astray? In most cases the problem is in how it’s executed!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but many leadership teams—in their enthusiasm to get moving—don't do a good job in aligning the mindset-drivers and the behavioral-drivers with the strategic plan. Without tangible connections between a strategic plan and the elements that drive how people think and act (and learn), a strategic plan will stagger.

Strategic success requires not only a well thought-through plan ... it requires a solid implementation roadmap.

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

Any well-engineered business strategy involves some degree of change—in direction, in priorities, in resources, in process/procedures; even in the goals that employees and other stakeholders are working toward.

Successfully implementing this plan takes a Disciplined, No-nonsense Approach (DNA™) that shapes and guides what an organization is, who it serves, what it does, and why it does it—all with a laser-focus on the future.

Why our DNA solution gets results is because the execution focus is on the team who will get it done; it's the responsibility of mid-level leaders to translate this strategic plan into the operational-level plans, goals, and objectives that result in successful execution.


Strategic Planning/Execution

Emphasis Cluster contains 4 Practice/Service Areas:

Embedding Mission/Vision/Purpose (MVP) ...

Employee Engagement Image

After reading all of the powerful words in an organization's Mission Statement—words that were painstakingly handcrafted to articulate its mission and purpose—if someone then started observing how that organization's employees are interacting with each other and with their customers while doing their work, how long will it take to figure out whether anyone is actually buying in to that mission and engaged in its execution?

The answer is "seconds." Why? Because the actions of the first person observed are usually a pretty good indicator of what is yet to come; the second person’s actions usually just validate that first impression. And the actions of the third person? More confirming data.

Mission/Vision/Purpose Statements are too often created in a vacuum, signed off by senior leadership, launched with much fanfare … and then everyone goes back to work. While organizations work extremely hard to build their brands externally, many trust their mission and/or vision and/or purpose will come to life internally simply by osmosis.

For those organizations who don't leave it to chance (and do it RIGHT), the rewards are many!

Our Embedding Mission/Vision/Purpose (MVP) services include:

  • Mission/Vision/Purpose (MVP)-to-Action Architecture
  • MVP Ongoing Reinforcement Strategies
  • MVP Alignment Consulting

Are you ready to fully embed your MVP™ into your organization's DNA? Let's talk.

Culture Alignment and Fortification ...

Performance Management Image

Does Culture determine “How we do it here” or does "How we do it here" determine our Culture? Provocative question.

Surprisingly, many business leaders believe it's culture that drives behaviors when—in reality—astute observation identifies that the "How we do it here" elements (and mindsets) are what actually determine the culture. Think of it this way ... if someone steps over the established 'cultural' boundary—whether it's about safety, respect, ethics, or any number of other values an organization purports to honor—and nothing is said or done to correct that behavior ... you now have a new cultural boundary irregardless of what's been previously conveyed.

When this phenomenon repeats itself (over and over), you're suffering from Culture Drift™.

We have the cure! Our Culture Alignment and Fortification services include:

  • Cultural Boundary Assessment/Leadership Development
  • Alignment/Fortification Consulting
  • Agile/Optimized Subculture Creation

Is your "How we do it here" culture needing a positive boost? Let's talk.

Strategic Mindset Development (for Leaders) ...

Strategic Mindset Image

It's easy to see why so many leaders are drawn into the tactical/operational (here and now) diversions of their respective work environments. First, it's familiar and “familiar” makes it comfortable. Second, because they’re frequently promoted from the operational level, they have the skills and knowledge to immediately jump into the fray. Third, it's immediately gratifying to be able to solve a problem.

The reality is many organizations have leaders with the strong operational skills needed to maintain the status quo. But a crucial deficit exists—and there are many reasons for this—but these same organizations lack people in positions of power with the strategic thinking know-how and/or experience and/or confidence required to tackle the future. The here and now is much more comfortable ... and perceived as much more certain.

The most alarming aspect of the lack of strategic thinking that can occur in organizations is the fact that it's typically hidden from view. No one necessarily recognizes that an organization's leaders aren't acting strategically when things are going well, or when the future is fairly predictable. The gap comes to light only when an organization faces a major challenge or when it discovers a significant transformation is necessary to ensure its survival.

We have a solution for this. Our Strategic Mindset Development services include:

  • LE2AD (Leadership Effectiveness/Efficiency Accountability Discipline)™ Training
  • Strategic Thinking Systems/Process Design

Would a framework for better strategic visioning help your leaders (and your organization)? Let's talk.

Transformational Change ...

Performance Calibration Image

Helping people adapt to change is perhaps the single most important leadership competency. Because employees frequently have a vested interest in the status quo, the leader who desires a change-embracing culture must understand—and appreciate—the human side of change.

But what conditions must be in place to create—and sustain—a culture that is change-embracing, resilient and made up of people who easily adapt to the many changes necessary to take an organization into the future? At the risk of over-simplification, the answer to this question will always start (and finish!) with leadership.

Our Transformational Change services include:

  • Transformational Change Planning/Consulting
  • Transformational Change Communication Strategies
  • Transformational Change Training

Are you ready to move from a change-averse attitude to a change-embracing mindset? Let's talk.