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High-Impact Keynote Presentations

The complexities of the workplace require that people simultaneously draw upon multiple competencies in every aspect of their work. As a result, a keynote speech should emulate that same principle. Neil Dempster is a master at seamlessly blending topic areas to ensure the audience receives the most value from his presentations.

Look over the list of possible topic areas to see which one(s) would be most important and relevant to your intended audience. Feel free to select more than one topic (most conference organizers do) and Neil will ensure they are woven into his presentation.

Managerial Effectiveness

CORE: Creating a Culture of Results & Engagement™

MINDSET will trump SKILLSET any day of the week!™;

Workforce Performance: 'Just Enough' ... Just Ain't Good Enough!™

Turning Human Do-ings into Human Be-ings® ... Moving from Compliance to Commitment

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Leadership, Culture, Accountability, and Strategic Visioning

CORE: Creating a Culture of Results & Engagement™

LE2AD: Leader Effectiveness/Efficiency Accountability Discipline™

When a Ship Misses the Harbor, It's Rarely the Harbor's Fault!®

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Effective Coaching, Reinforcement and Constructive Feedback

Tuning for Perfect Pitch™ ... Feedback Receptivity at its Best!

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Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration, and Interactivity

Teimwork® ... Spelled Wrong to Make Teams Right!

All the Water in the World Won't Sink a Ship ... Unless it Gets Inside!™

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Creativity, Innovation, Change Resilience, and Continuous Improvement/Learning

Nothing Succeeds like Failure!™

GROW with the FLOW—Becoming a 'Quick-Change' Artist™

Turning KNOW-HOW into DO-NOW™ ... Level 3 & Level 4 Learning Strategies

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Safety Practices/Mindset

Safety DNA™—a Disciplined No-Nonsense Approach to Saving Lives™

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Personal Best for Sales Professionals/Entrepreneurs

If You're not living on the EDGE ... You're taking up too much SPACE!™

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