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Talent Optimization

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A Compelling Business Case ...

To ensure sustainable growth, an organization's talent optimization efforts need to be directly aligned with its short- and long-term strategic goals and initiatives.

As a result of advancements in technology, industry trends, changing market conditions/consumer expectations, shifting workforce demographics, among others, an organization must routinely reevaluate its current and future workforce needs to determine where talent optimization gaps exist.

Talent Optimization is an organization’s commitment to sophisticated practices that deliver the Right People in the Right Roles with the Right Skills at the Right Time!

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

Our Talent Optimization systems don't use the conventional 'equality' approach (by design). Instead, we utilize an 'equity' (merit-based) architecture that delivers a far more robust/agile infrastructure for the contemporary workplace.

On a quantitative basis, our business-impact/demand-driver solutions evaluate talent supply by job role after considering turnover, retirement, and internal job movement.

On a qualitative basis, our solutions also look at capability, capacity, and performance for existing and emerging occupations to determine talent acquisition, identification and growth opportunities.

This Emphasis Cluster contains 5 Practice/Service Areas:

Succession Management

HiPo Identification/Pathing

Behavioral Interviewing

Candidate Filtering

Talent Retention