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There are many reasons to explain why organizations frequently fail to realize the full potential of their employees—at any level.

Chief among these reasons is a poorly developed and executed performance management system. This frequently results in employees and managers perceiving performance management as bureaucratic, time-consuming, and of low value. The well-intentioned HR processes and procedures then become merely rituals and routines.

Progressive organizations are (quickly) moving away from rigid systems toward a more flexible approach that reinforces the critical activities and behaviors that make the difference between mediocre and extraordinary performance.

Why Our Solutions Get Results ...

For a sustainable, high-performance culture to exist, management teams need a cohesive, disciplined, easy-to-follow approach to managing and leading.

Welcome to the intersection of THEORY and PRACTICAL APPLICATION! If you're tired of programs that sound 'good in theory' but have little relevance to the real world of work, then you'll find our approach very refreshing.

The 'language' of performance—being able to fully engage employees through commitment (versus compliance)—is absolutely necessary before a high-performance culture can exist. Our management systems are just that—"systems"— because they each include the tools, templates, and ongoing processes needed to deeply embed the language of performance into an organization's DNA.

This Emphasis Cluster contains 5 Practice/Service Areas:

Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement? Is there really an employee engagement crisis? Employee engagement is defined as how connected, how invested, or how emotionally committed an employee is to the organization they work for and its goals. Do they care about the work they do? Do they care about the company they’re doing it for?

Great. Now we know what employee engagement is, but is there really an employee engagement crisis?

Performance Management

Coaching/Tuning Systems

Performance Calibration

Performance Standards Consulting