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Looking for a Facilitator to Help Your Team Achieve Breakthrough Results?

A corporate retreat is a good way to focus your executive team or workgroup on mission critical priorities. Away from all the normal distractions in the office, the group can concentrate on strategic planning, make key decisions and establish action plans.


Unfortunately, many attendees express frustration with their past experiences during (and after) these off-sites. In many cases, the cause of this frustration can be isolated to inefficient and/or ineffective methods used to run the meeting. Lots of discussion takes place ... but very little is accomplished or decided upon!


If you need a strategic planning, problem solving or conflict resolution meeting to achieve breakthrough results, then you need a professional facilitator who understands how to leverage the collective intellect in the room. We can help you with the planning and design before the meeting, facilitate the meeting, and, most importantly, create the foundation for commitment and accountability to the actions necessary to accomplish your goals.

Management, Leadership and Higher Performance training programs.

When should you consider utilizing a facilitator for your meeting?


There are many examples of situations where a professional facilitator would greatly enhance your off-site meeting. Here are a few to keep in mind as you plan your next meeting ...

Management, Leadership and Higher Performance training programs.

Why choose a Clearview facilitator for your next off-site?


We have helped hundreds of teams bridge the gap between organizational objectives (the desired state) and existing performance levels (the current state). With a Clearview facilitator, there won't be any 'good intentions' that never transpire!

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Good meetings donít just happen! Here is an overview of our facilitation process and how we can provide breakthrough outcomes for your next meeting.

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