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Neil Dempster will wow your audience!Welcome to the intersection of THEORY and PRACTICAL APPLICATION! If you're tired of training programs that sound 'good in theory' but have little relevance to the real world of work, then you'll find our approach VERY refreshing.


Each of our training solutions provides the necessary application framework to generate sustainable increases in performance (e.g., royalty-free templates, step-by-step action plans, web-based support materials). And increases in performance mean an excellent ROI from your training dollars. When training participants can immediately apply their key learnings, and successfully overcome complex workplace performance challenges, then continued application is assured. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

Creating a Performance Culture ...

There are at least four distinct groups responsible for creating and maintaining a culture of peak performance:

  • Upper and middle management need to communicate and consistently reinforce a strong sense of purpose (mission) and strategic vision.
  • Front-line managers need to continuously assess current practices and expectations (to raise the bar) and demonstrate strong leadership capabilities to fully engage employees in the activities that result in peak performance.
  • Coaches (both formal and informal), mentors and high-potentials need to know how to motivate, provide developmental feedback, and, most importantly, create accountability for results.
  • Individual contributors and team members need to be accountable, take responsibility and be fully committed to continuous improvement and better results.

Clearview Training Solutions ...

We provide a comprehensive array of workshops designed to address each of the core areas listed above to ensure you attain, retain, or regain competitive advantage. The training solutions listed below address the many complex challenges confronting organizations today. Which one(s) will help your organization perform better?



Leadership development

Developing Leadership Bench Strength

Tomorrow's competitive battles won't be won by out-spending your competition—but by out-thinking them! That means out-learning them, out-innovating them, out-LEADING them!

Regardless of industry, business success relies on brilliant execution. But brilliant execution largely depends on your organization’s ability to prepare the best possible leaders for the future—from the front line to senior executives. We build strong leaders who are ready to meet the business challenges of today and beyond.

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Management/Supervisor Training

Managing/Supervising for Commitment and Results

Making accountability and peak performance a permanent part of your culture can be a daunting task for your front-line and middle-managers. Yet, the need to have a fully engaged workforce has never been greater.

This workshop includes all the essentials and provides a solid foundation in motivation and reinforcement strategies, setting goals and expectations, performance management techniques and continuous improvement processes to better engage your entire employee base.

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Leadership development

Employee Engagement, Accountability and Peak Performance

The challenge in communicating consistent performance expectations across your entire management team is over! This unique, content-rich, seven-module VIDEO series will ensure each employee hears a consistent—and reinforceable—message about performance, continuous improvement and accountability. The program is designed for team-based delivery and utilizes the team leader as a facilitator for the structured discussions and action-planning segments.

Flexible, scalable and extremely cost-effective!

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Leadership development

Teamwork ... that Works!

Contrary to popular opinion, there is an 'I' in teamwork! (Yes, all those posters that claim otherwise are just plain wrong!) It's each team member's individual commitment that determines team success—in essence, before you can have effective self-directed teams, you must have self-directed individuals!

Teimwork ® (spelled WRONG to make teams RIGHT) is a workshop designed to integrate the individual accountability model into any team environment to ensure collaborative success.

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Leadership development

Leading Transformation (Change Resilience)

We're frequently told that people naturally RESIST change but that characterization is incorrect. People don’t resist change, they resist BEING changed ... big difference!

Even though managers and leaders, project/team leads and high-potential employees are charged with leading organizations confidently into the future, many find the task challenging (even frustrating at times). This workshop provides the necessary components to create a change-embracing culture as well as the reinforcement strategies to make change self-sustaining.

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Leadership development

Creativity, Innovation and Risk-Taking

Research psychologists consistently demonstrate that achieving true satisfaction in life and work involves successfully overcoming challenges or risks. So when people (or an entire organization) 'play it safe' there aren't many 'failures', but all the challenge and intellectual stimulation is taken out of the equation—and how satisfying is that? Remember, a person (or organization) that doesn't innovate ... stagnates!

This workshop will help you unleash the creative brilliance in your team and generate innovative solutions to your everyday business challenges.

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Leadership development

Embedding Safety Into Your Organization's DNA

Even after setting clear expectations about safety practices and providing the training and resources to prevent or minimize errors, many organizations find that accidents still occur—do we simply resign ourselves to the fact that “accidents will happen”?

While human error is inevitable, it is also predictable, and it is this predictability that allows proactive organizations to address the people side of the safety equation to achieve safety records that far exceed industry standards. This workshop will ensure people LIVE the rules instead of just FOLLOWING the rules!

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