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Why You Want Dr. Dempster for Your Event ...

Neil Dempster, PhD, MBA, CSP has delivered/facilitated over 1,500 presentations, keynote speeches and high-stakes executive retreats over the last two decades—all focused on achieving sustainable outcomes.

Whether he's speaking with senior executives about vision, strategy and execution, managers and supervisors about building high performance teams, front-line employees about efficiency, continuous improvement and safety, or general audiences about striving for greatness, he always provides the inspiration—and the tools—to help people and teams achieve extraordinary results!

Why He'll Get You Results ...

Audiences everywhere love Neil's energy and humor, they love his anecdotes and stories—but what they value most is that his message is immediately implementable.

Neil speaks from a lifetime of experiences in the trenches and from within the corporate boardroom. He’s been a multi-year, top 1% sales producer for a Fortune 100 company, a senior manager in several organizations, and, today, as one of the founding partners of Clearview Performance Systems, he uses his education, expertise, and experience to achieve extraordinary organizational performance for his valued clients.

This Emphasis Cluster contains 4 Practice/Service Areas:

Executive Retreat Facilitation

High-Impact Keynote Presentations

Neil Dempster's specialty is building higher performing organizations and cultures of accountability and commitment. He has delivered over 1,200 presentations to diverse audiences worldwide and would love to help make your next management conference or association convention a HUGE success!

Why do meeting planners see Neil as an extremely versatile keynote speaker with the ability to connect with—and engage—any audience? Because he is an acknowledged expert in ONE subject. HOLD ON!! Isn't that a CONTRADICTION? Not when you consider his expertise is Higher Performance Thinking and Workforce Performance! This expertise has universal appeal—regardless of industry, organization or job function—because in today's work environment people interact at more intense levels than ever before and the need for better results has never been greater. If you have a need for a high-impact, content-rich and motivational keynote speaker ... Neil Dempster is the speaker to call! Ready to talk?

Accountability-Focused Team Building

Inspirational All-Employee Meetings